What is GTE technology, Are Tech Giants Betting Big on it?

GTE technology

What is GTE technology, why are Tech Giants Betting Big on it ? GTE technology stands for Global Token Exchange. If you are remotely familiar with the potential of financial freedom that the advent of blockchain-enabled finance has to offer, then those words should give you goosebumps. What is GTE Technology ? GTE is the acronym for […]

Data Analytics in Business | Data Science | A Brief Insight |

Data analytics in business

  Data analytics in business A Brief Insight  with Data Science It is the field of study that involves extracting knowledge and insights from noisy data and then turning those insights into actions that our business or organization can take so let’s dig into it a little bit more and discuss what are the different […]

Future in 10 Years | Life in Metaverse

Future in 10 Years

  Future in 10 Years | Life in Metaverse Imagine yourself meeting with your relatives or your companions, however, not actually, maybe in a virtual 3D world. One that is made falsely. You enter this world while you’re sitting in your room, utilizing an exceptional headset or glasses. Also, you’re working or contemplating or shopping, […]

Artificial Intelligence | Are Robots Replacing humans ?

Robots Replacing Humans

Can Robots Replace humans?   Do you think a robot can take over your job someday? If you are in a management position, this will likely not happen in the next decade. However, many people like manufacturing workers and waiters fear robots replacing them.   According to a survey, 30% of UK jobs are potentially under […]

Who Controls Internet ? What if it Crashes | 2023 |

Who Controls Internet

Have you at any point thought about Who Controls the Internet?   Perhaps you could believe that internet service organizations control the web, Be that as it may, this isn’t correct on the grounds that On the off chance that one organization quits giving it, there are different organizations present Then, at that point, you’d […]

Are Flying Cars Real ? | Flying cars 2023 |

Flying Cars Real

Are Flying Cars Real?   Cars capable of flying are something that is gradually turning into a reality., an organization in Slovakia, Has effectively tried a genuine car capable of flying. This isn’t a fantasy for what’s in store, it is the truth now. Come, “On the off chance that you haven’t seen of late, […]