Is Bermuda Triangle Real? Mystery or Misconception

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OVER years 20 planes 50 ships and hundreds of people have just vanished in a small area in the Atlantic Ocean this is a part of the ocean called the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle it’s an aquatic graveyard where over the years researchers have uncovered hundreds of wrecks scientific hypotheses have been crafted to try to explain what is happening here the idea the fear has spread sparking countless books and documentaries attempting to prove that there’s something strange happening in this triangle of the ocean there’s some kind of an anomaly going on down there that we can’t explain something that goes on down far below the deepest Rays the last rays of sunlight.

we’re going to explain what the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle really is and why this perilous patch of the ocean has captured the Curiosity and fear of millions of people it’s generally regarded as this area of water in the North Atlantic drawn from Miami to San Juan to Bermuda the mystery here kind of started back in 1492 when Christopher Columbus who incidentally is getting a lot of air time on the channel lately for better or worse this is where the biggest light bulb moment of the century goes off in this.

Columbus is out there trying to reach Asia and he passes through this triangle of water and this is where things get weird Columbus kept a very detailed Journal on September 13th, 1492 Columbus says that as he’s going along this route something weird starts happening with his compass on this day at the commencement of the night the needles turned a half Point Northwest and in the morning they turned somewhat More Northwest.

whoa, creepy Chris but it doesn’t stop there he also reported the sea rising and a strange light out in the distance he described it as a wax candle moving up and down what is going on here the mystery continued throughout the centuries in 1606 while traveling through the triangle a large English ship carrying 150 Travelers became wrecked at Bermuda after encountering a huge hurricane even though this wasn’t mysterious because it was just weather it left an impression on how people saw this body of water in fact it is supposed that this shipwreck inspired Shakespeare’s play The Tempest which often referred to Bermuda or vermouths as being vexed or cursed.

Next, up is 1881 a ship is sailing from Liverpool to New York City when it passes through the triangle the people on board say that they came across a ghost ship with no one on board there are varying reports on exactly what happened but the people on board generally reported that some of the crew decided to get on the Ghost Ship but then the ships were separated by a massive storm when they were reunited with the Ghost Ship.

The next day there was no trace of the crew this stuff is kind of spooky if true but wait we’re just getting started because when you get to the 20th century that’s when the Bermuda Triangle as a mysterious body of water started to gain a lot of attention in February 1918 one of the U.S Navy’s largest ships the USS Cyclops was carrying 300 men from Salvador Brazil to Baltimore Maryland the route goes right through the Bermuda Triangle but the ship never arrived to Baltimore despite being able to the Cyclops never sent out an SOS distress call no wreck was ever found as one article published a few years after.

The Disappearance said usually a wooden bucket or a cork life preserver identified as belonging to a lost ship is picked up after a wreck but not so with the Cyclops she just disappeared as though some gigantic monster of the sea had grabbed her men and all and sent her into the depths of the ocean in an official statement the U.S Navy said that quote The Disappearance of the ship has been one of the most baffling mysteries in the annals of the Navy that’s an official quote again kind of spooky.

oh and the Navy boats kept disappearing in 1941 the USS Proteus carrying 58 passengers and a bunch of metal suddenly vanished within the Bermuda Triangle and then one month later another Navy ship disappears 61 people on board totally gone but it wasn’t until 1945 when people started to get really suspicious this is when a bunch of World War II airplanes was doing a three-hour exercise over Grand Bahama Island flying out and then pivoting back to their Air Base back in Fort Lauderdale Florida but these planes never returned and the disappearances just kept happening.

A long-haul flight with 25 people and six crew disappeared in the Triangle Without a Trace in 1948 and a year later it happened again to another plane of the exact same model all in all there have been over 70 mysterious disappearances here in this little patch of ocean where all those years ago Columbus noticed something strange happening with his compass with time more and more people started noticing.

Is Bermuda Triangle Real
Is Bermuda Triangle Real

one writer in the 50s said quote there have been other disappearances in this backyard sea of ours and always the record when the account is finally closed has an ominous notation no Trace found then in 1964 the term Bermuda Triangle was actually coined in an article Vincent Gaddis asserted that quote sea distances are relatively short referring to the Bermuda Triangle and yet this relatively limited area is the scene of disappearances that total far beyond the laws of chance people wanted answers.

Ten Years Later this book came out the author goes deep and he makes the argument that something is really happening in the marina triangle it’s not just bad weather this mysterious patch of water is actually a gateway to something much bigger and he’s not afraid to explore some alternative theories about ancient civilizations and energy that was left over from those civilizations affecting this area it’s magnets it’s crystals it’s wormholes it’s The Ripping of space-time these forces connect us to the physical potential of our universe all shown to us because of the mysterious disappearances of the Bermuda Triangle.

you can’t read a book like this talk about a bunch of mysterious things and call that evidence that is not what this is I was really into this for a moment actually when I was going through all of the disappearances until it started to become about freaking crystals and alien life coming to save humans from nuclear fission we can’t do this we can’t present a handful of data points even if they are factually accurate separated by hundreds of years and call that proof that this patch of ocean is cursed/

What blows my mind is one book that really put the Bermuda Triangle on the map sold over 14 million copies worldwide it was translated into 22 languages despite being riddled with completely invalidating errors. there actually is a very satisfying evidence-based answer to what is really going on with all these disappearances here we go there have been some serious scientific hypotheses developed on what’s going on here they range from things like the Bermuda Triangle had a disturbance in geomagnetism which throws off compasses and other navigational tools

 The Real Picture of bermuda

Methane blowouts which is a real thing we have these huge deposits of like methane under the ocean floor and if these blow up you get this massive explosion and then a huge crater that just sucks down anything that is floating on top of it that could easily explain it right okay but then there’s the plane disappearances here’s another more simple explanation hurricanes the Bermuda Triangle is in the Caribbean which does seem to have an abnormal number of high-intensity storms that kind of makes sense and one popular theory is that these storms can cause what are called rogue waves.

Which are massive waves that reach 100 feet or more maybe it’s those that lead to the disappearances see this is making more sense you’ve got methane gas geomagnetism and tons of storms in the Caribbean it makes sense that this is a perilous place for planes and boats these are scientific explanations that validate the Bermuda Triangle.

we don’t need Atlantis and crystals and Aliens we have geomagnetism and weather systems rational explanations for the Bermuda Triangle, Shine the Light folks maybe not fall for this again no another trap me saying sciency things like geomagnetism and methane blowouts can sound like I’m presenting strong evidence to you but I’m not I’m saying words I’m speculating okay so will we ever get to the bottom of this well yes we can but not by listening to me tell you stories about ghost ships and mysterious Navy disappearances or even 100-foot waves

Instead, we need to approach this differently humans have developed an amazing tool for seeing reality instead of relying on our own observations which usually need to be couched as stories and that is limited by how much we can hold in our brain at once instead of this we can collect hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands of observations about the world.

They don’t have to fit in our brains all at once because we can record them over time and then process and aggregate them with math and if you did that you would see that of the tens of thousands of recorded accidents or casualties at Sea recorded over the course of 20 years there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary it doesn’t even make the top 10 most dangerous ocean regions in the world at least according to another analysis another data set.

we wanted to make damn sure of this so we reached out to Lloyd’s list which is a shipping publication that graciously spent months aggregating data tons of data about Marine casualties out to sea we found that 1.8 percent of all vessels everywhere in the world have some casualty including mysterious disappearances 1.8 percent and that of the 8634 boats that passed through the Bermuda Triangle there were only two casualties .02 percent of the boats that pass through here had an accident 90 times lower than the global average that was for 2021.

so yeah that’s the evidence we should actually be looking at and talking about it’s not as tantalizing as the stories told in this book that sold 20 million copies.

Therefore, the conclusion is Bermuda triangle is just another mystery, Click Here  to get to know about Bermuda Triangle, For more such interesting topics check my other articles Here



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