Heartbreaking news from sam’s Circle in Chesapeake, Virginia.  It is said he was  an employee who went in break room and shot other employees and himself.

There are multiple fatalities and injuries after this shooting at the Walmart  multiple dead bodies found more than 10 at least  police Confirm.

This second  another act of violence against civilians in the United States after Colorado club shooting

Wallmart Inc. officials said they are praying for those impacted, and are working closely with police but would that bring dead back ?

This latest  shooting brought back memories of  shooting at a Walmart back in 2019 and the tragedy continues

overall crime rate has closely followed rises and declines in the national crime rates while remaining substantially lower. Since 1981 Virginia's crime rate has had a greater rate of decline than the neighboring six-State average and national rate.

For how long are these mass shootings going to continue ? for how long is this gun culture going to continue , Enough is enough

Our first responders are well-trained and prepared to respond says  Elizabeth Vaughn (Chesapeake Deputy Director of Public Communications)